Analysis of Understanding Childhood Obesity

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a) Overview of your chosen leaflet (15%) ( 101 ) “Understanding childhood Obesity” PIL, is introduced by the Obesity Action Coalition “OAC” (a national non-profitable organisation). It’s informative and meant to be used by parents and dieticians ( is long “10 pages”, contains a lot of graphs). The Flesch reading score was 43.3 (fairly difficult to read) however, It‘s very useful in assessing the child’s body state. As a first step in the journey of treating an obese child, it’s somehow comprehensive. The ideas were threaded very well, it started by outlining the meaning of “childhood obesity”, causes, explained the assessing part and finally treatment. The overall discern rating was 000.

b) Current areas where the PIL clearly uses psychological theory (25%) ( 213) (252)

This PIL was plotted using the Trans-Theoretical Model theory “TTM” (!). All the theory’s elements except ‘’maintenance’’ were present.

1) Pre-contemplation: It assumed that the recipient is not aware of the problem, so it started by mentioning the prevalence (Childhood obesity affects more than 30%of children). And giving a simple definition of an obese child (body mass index for-age percentile is greater than 95%).

2) Contemplation: Then it assumed that readers are now acknowledged and interested enough to finish reading. It presents them the tool that will aid diagnosing obesity in children (e.g. graphs to measure BMI-for-age percentiles for both genders). With the

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