Analysis of Unilever Financial Reporting

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Analysis of Unilever Financial Reporting Introduction Annual report is an exhaustive report which has involved a firm’s activities throughout the last year. It purposes to show the corporate activities and financial performance to both the shareholder and those people who are interesting in their corporation. However, it is crucial for the stock watcher doing their due diligence every year from the analysis of a corporate annual report. Not only the growth rate they concerned, but also the prospect of their stocks, the investor need to consider it carefully before doing their decisions. The following content would give the analysis of Unilever’s annual report in 2009. It would give detailed information in relevant with the companies…show more content…
This approach has already shown excellent results in many of the markets in which we operate. Recent history Year 2009 witnessed the recession of most of the companies worldwide however Unilever is excluded, which kept an underlying sales growth of 3.5%. In 2009, keeping innovating on products and market is considered to be the key driver on Unilever's growth. Its products rolled across multiple country and regions. For instance, it was mentioned "the Dove Minimising Deodorant was rolled out across 37 markets; Signal White Now to 21 markets and Knorr Stockpots to 12 markets; Clear shampoo is now in 35 markets." It built a new global customer supply structure to expand its experience on customer service to the other regions, and achieved several suppliers of the year awards from some of the top customers. Same as the other companies Unilever was attempting changing the structure to optimize the costs, which includes a quick restructuring on projects, taking the advantages of large-scale global procurement, building regional sourcing organizations and streamlining the organizational structure. These actions helped Unilever gain a huge saving of €1.4 billion according to its annual report in 2009. Unilever also managed to sharpen the portfolio by the acquiring Sara Lee’s personal care
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