Analysis of Victor Rhee´s Hebrews as a Leader of the Faith Commuity

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“The author Victor Rhee of “Hebrews as a Leader of the Faith Community” enlightens the path way on the subject of leaders in the body of Christ. The title alone brings a certain kind of curiosity to what makes a leader according to the book of Hebrews. If leadership training could have a manual it should be parallel to Hebrews. Leadership today is missing the courage to stand for something that is right according to the word of God. No matter what is taking place in our society beliefs and value system. Leadership has suffered greatly both inside and outside the church, especially in Christian leadership. One of the main points that the author of this article points out is the society woes are the same as ours today. How fitting is…show more content…
Rhee also indicates the important factors mention by the author of Hebrews that we are spiritual leaders’ not just natural leaders. The illustration of faith or causes of faith are being weakened by the society agenda. In our society today, our faith in God’s word has been watered down to accommodate the weak minded. We are definitely living in a day where it is unpopular to be a Christian just as the Hellenistic Jews. Again, Rhee points to the leadership qualities of this article by ensuring we are understand the authority of being a leader over a faith community. We must carry the call or courage to confront, and to not allow ourselves to fall into an apostasy mindset. To destroy the very thought of taking grace for granted. Rhee believes anyone who thinks in this pattern will not go unpunished. There is a responsibility for a leader of a faith community to preach and teach the fullness of God or His word the warnings and the promises, not just or the other. As we puts it, “We, Christian leaders, should also be willing to teach and preach negative messages, such as repentance, rebuke and warning of God’s judgment.” Yet, the author of Hebrews expresses that we must do this in love according to findings of Rhee. One expression can describe this it’s called “tender heartedness.” It may be considered a forgotten quality. Both the author of Hebrews and the author of this journal, express the importance of Jesus being
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