Analysis of Walmart's Customer Loyalty Base

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Wal-Mart In order to have a major player in the market like Wal-Mart maintain its standing for all the years it has maintained needs an organizational style that people can easily identify with hence forming the customer loyalty base for the organization. For Wal-Mart, the style is providing a batter livelihood for each American through offering low-cost products than can be found in the market. A bigger percentage of those who visit Wal-Mart are motivated by the saving that they would have over going to other places to shop. This has been the resounding reason behind the wide spread of the chain in the entire America and beyond. To further emphasize their customer focused approach and style, Wal-Mart adopted the divisional structure under the market structure. This is a structure that takes into consideration the types of clients in a way that each division only concentrates on the specific functions that enables it to satisfy the needs of a give segment of the market (Wal-mart, 2013). To make the supply chain of the organization seamless and efficient, Wal-Mart has a retail link system that links the point of sale to the procurements and the suppliers hence ensuring replenishment of the stocks as soon as they are depleted. The system ensures that the goods are delivered to the stores are the lowest cost possible. To achieve this, Wal-Mart uses the system to purchase directly from the manufacturers, hence bypassing the intermediaries and in effect cutting down a lot of
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