Analysis of Web Browsers

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For this paper, I tested out Firefox, Internet Explorer and on my mobile I tested Opera Mini. The first site is a news site, This site renders well in Firefox, with a clean look and all of the functionality intact. Internet Explorer renders the front page in a similar fashion, but there are popups and ads that have been blocked on Firefox. I have customized Firefox significantly but have not undergone the customization process with either Internet Explorer or Opera Mini. These lend clutter to the appearance when using Explorer. Opera Mini's version of has fewer graphics, and reduced functionality. There are headlines that must be clicked through, but the layout of these is less efficient than can be found on the full-sized browsers. Pages load very quickly on Opera Mini. The next site is This took a long time to load in Firefox, compared with the other two browsers. The look is clean in Firefox, however, and full functionality is intact. It is almost as if the media companies are optimizing for this browser. Internet Explorer again loads more ads and popups. The layout of the front page has more dead space, but the functionality remains intact. In Opera Mini, the site has a dramatic reduction in visuals, and the site's layout is altered such that stories appear in a linear list, without the formatting and compartmentalization of the full-sized browsers. With, Internet Explorer also suffers from excessive dead space, for example at
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