Analysis of Western Civilizations: Ideas, Politics, and Society

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Our text, “Western Civilizations: Ideas, Politics, and Society”, includes many of the core values of today’s modern society. Rationality, the first value listed, is simply being able to use mental analysis to comprehend different, sometimes complex, subjects in a clear way. ( Rationality is extremely important to the effective running of any society. The only alternative to acting and thinking rationally is to act with impulse, or without thinking a situation through. ( A prosperous society cannot act in this way. I feel that for the most part, rationality is still alive and well today. While everyone does not always agree with the …show more content…

Humanism, which is a concept that is difficult for some to understand, is basically the right and ability for an individual to learn their full potential. I feel that in America, humanism is flourishing. Everyone day people are discovering amazing things about themselves and doing things that makes them happy. The west is the only part of the world where this is possible to such a big extent. Another concept listed in our book is equality. Equality is a topic that I feel very passionately about. I come from a Native American father and a Caucasian mother and I am married to an African American man. Being a part of some many different racial society’s has let me see true treatment different people in this country receive. My father is often mistaken to be Latino and treated very disrespectfully, including being called names. My husband has been passed by on jobs after being treated rudely at interviews once they see what race he is. My family receives unkind treatment and disgusted stares from strangers who do not agree with mixed race families. No matter the amount of laws in place, people of other races are not treated fairly in this country. A huge way that can be seen is with Middle Eastern people. The government has allowed Middle Eastern immigrants to be mistreated and wrongly labeled as terrorists by excessive investigations and horrible treatments in airports, places of business, and on the streets. I couldn’t imagine was it would be

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