Analysis of Western Film Essay

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Analysis of Western Film introduction The two films we chose were dances with wolves starring Kevin costner it was made in 1990 and the searchers starring john Wayne it was made in 1950 they both show native Americans been represented in different ways. The searchers Native Americans are portrayed as being stupid for swapping a woman for a hat with a feather in it. In the movie we see a native American man giving a man a woman and taking a hat with a feather in it. This shows they are stupid and they don’t have any love for anyone. They trick a native American to leave his ranch and leave his family and the white people kill his family. They trick native Americans to…show more content…
This shows the native Americans are clever, cunning, sly, evil and they like to kill and are blood thirsty people and the white people are stupid and don’t use there head. The white man was looking for his niece for 5 years and when he found her he did not want to except her. In the movie he found Debbie and he was going to shoot he because she betrayed him by working with the native Americans. This shows he has no love for his family because he only cares about himself and no one else because his niece betrayed him. Dances with wolves There is a native Americans tribe which look evil. In the movie they show a group (tribe) of people with paint on their faces and look angry and they also have spears in their hands. This shows they are evil angry blood thirsty people and they have guts to kill people. They are clever they have a leader. in the movie when the tribe get together they talk to each other about everything and they have a leader to lead the group. It shows they are clever and share there problems with each other and decide on what to do they do it together. The pornese go to the village In the movie the pornese go to the village and kill a man This shows they will kill anyone and they kill people to tell others that they are in charge. John is clever he always thinks of what he can do he
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