Analysis of What Shuold a Billionaire Give and What Should You? by Peter Singer's

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Faulty Thinking in “What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You?”
Peter Singer's persuasive essay strips us bare of our selfish wants as he equates our tendency to accumulate all the stuff we don’t need with ignoring the plight of drowning children and, as such, being responsible for the death of those children. We are, Singer convincingly argues, products of our fortunate “social capital”; therefore, we have an obligation to those who do not have a social capital.
Life is priceless. It is God’s greatest gift and should be returned to the Creator through good actions and charity. From this perspective rose philanthropy, with the aim of improving human life quality. Many attempts to “fight global poverty” were led during this
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Therefore, to give up one’s luxuries so that less fortunate human beings can actually acquire necessities is a fair and simple request. Humans don’t need luxuries such as frivolous electronics and excessive clothes and accessories. However, humans do need food, shelter and other basic amenities. The fact that so many people have both necessities and luxuries while others have neither is a shocking reality that needs to be changed.
Furthermore, by donating your extra funds to overseas aid organizations you would be helping a needy person out. You’re making a difference in somebody’s life. At the same time you’re helping a person out, you feel good about doing so. You’re contributing to something much bigger than yourself and you’re making an impact on somebody’s life. By donating your extra money you feel like you’re doing the right thing and not spending it on a luxury that you want, but spending it on something that really is important.
Agreeing with Singer’s solution, one could argue we have become too materialistic in today’s society. Our wants have overcome our needs as we try to keep up with friends in having the most. This selfish desire can be theoretically eliminated by focusing that energy on ending world poverty.
On the other hand, Singer’s plan to end world hunger has many fundamental flaws. In our materialistic society, many people care more

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