Analysis of William Glasser's Article, "The Quality School Curriculum"

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William Glasser presents many intriguing ideas toward education in his article
"The Quality School Curriculum". Dr.Glasser proposes that to produce better educated students, schools must utilize a "Quality" curriculum which makes students active participants in the learning process.
Dr.Glasser begins by arguing the various "problems" existing in today's curriculum. He argues that schools do not need more coercion from upper-level management but focus on the subpar curriculum. The current curriculums being applied to today's educators are inadequate and encourage more memorization than application. Grades, Glasser argues, dissipates coercion by students working less and rebellion. The negative responses received from students are
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Suggesting that grammar skills should be enforced at an early age, Dr.Glasser argues
"...anyone who can write well can read well, but many people who read well can hardly write well"(693). Technology impacts the "Quality" curriculum through various ways. Students should be entitled to use technology in the application of their knowledge through calculators for mathematics and computers for word processing skills. Testing is a vital part in the demonstrating of applicable skills on a small scale. Dr.Glasser suggests the use of open note, and open book tests students would be given questions to explain how something works, instead of selecting an answer. By using these descriptive and application questions, the student would use critical thinking skills to explain the ideas and information presented to them. The students, having to explain in detail about the questions presented, would learn the material and be prepared for standardized testing.
Dr.Glasser sums up his journal with the goals and outcomes for “The Quality School Curriculum”. With the use of this curriculum, students would become contributing members of society and enthusiastic towards education. Dr.Glasser also suggests the idea of optional retests for students to improve their grade. He also suggests having tests available before the information is taught.

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