Analysis of Wing Safety Using Full-Range Leadership Model Essay

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During the past eight months this wing has endured a horrific string of safety accidents resulting in the death or serious injury of multiple individuals. Unfortunately service members and/or dependents have been identified as the root cause. As the new Chief of the Wing Safety office this is my number #1 priority. I cannot solve this problem alone and will rely heavily on my team. This paper will explain how I analyzed the current environment using the Full-Range Leadership Model (FRLM) as well my plan to build them back up using the same model. Additionally, I will detail my plan that will address the safety issue and establish goal setting milestones which will help us achieve our objective.
After sitting down with each
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First and foremost, I will incorporate idealized influence measures. The team will see I am 100% committed to solving this problem and will do so without cutting corners. Second, I will make it clear that I cannot do this alone. Following the intellectual stimulation model I will communicate to them the need to come up with new ideas, but just as important, I want them involved in decision-making process. Third, I will address the morale issue by using the inspirational motivation model. They need to hear we will succeed. By using this technique I will convey to them that despite the awesome challenge that lies before us, we will succeed and save lives. This will be a theme throughout our problem solving process in order to eliminate self doubt and instill confidence. Finally, like any team in a sport or work environment, not everyone is the same and each person may require different levels of attention. Simply put, I need to know who these people really are. It is my responsibility to provide the proper feedback, guidance and mentorship to each of them using the individual consideration trait. In this role I will be developing safety experts today, who in turn, can spread their knowledge and successful techniques to the troops of tomorrow.
Starting immediately the team and I will meet daily to discuss this issue. Before we commence I will explain what the Wing Commander’s goals are
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