Analysis of Woman to Man by Judith Wright Essay

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Analysis of Woman to Man by Judith Wright

I was slightly confused when I read this poem at first, but it became apparent from the rich metaphors, that it was about the sexual relation between the woman and man. It is also about conception - or rather the potential of creating a child from this sexual act - told from the woman's point of view.

Judith Wright was very bold in writing such a poem since it was published in 1949, when such issues weren't discussed in the public, but as a well-regarded poet, she had achieved a good reputation for expressing herself, and therefore could write a subjective poem about this issue.

The main idea of this poem, is based upon female sexuality and sensuality, and that sex is symbolic of
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This also can be interpreted as the excitement during the sexual act. The relief following is shown in the three remaining stanzas which are quieter, and are more explanatory, and by this the poet has intended to show us the relief emancipated from the mother after the birth, or also, after their sexual act.

There are many strong metaphors, which compliment this poem, making the reader think of the meanings:

In line 4, in the first stanza, the child who is active throughout, "foresees" the "unimagined" light: it foresees the light of life which is unimagined, because the embryo cannot possibly comprehend something which it has never experienced.

The second stanza shows how the child which they are creating, is unforeseen to them, but they feel its presence, it is an intimate moment where both the parents feel another, as well as the child presence, for the reason which they came together was to create the child.

The third stanza talks about the strength of the man ?this is the strength that your arm knows?, and about the beauty of the woman ?the arc of flesh that is my breast?, and how focused they are on each other, ?the precise crystal of our eyes.? The image of the "blood's wild tree that grows/ the intricate and folded rose" 'in stanza three, hints at the passion of the lovers, as well as suggesting both the embryo's physical dependence upon its mother, and also its

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