Analysis of Work, Energy and Power Experiment

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Analysis of Data In the first part of the experiment, we use a fan cart and first thing we do it to get the force of the fan cart by tying a string in the fan cart and hang a mass until the system is not moving that means that it is in equilibrium state. The tension in the string is equal so that the hanging mass multiplied by the gravitational pull of the earth which is 9.8 ms2 is equal to the force exerted by the fan cart. Then we remove the string and turn on the fan cart and then let it move and record the time when it passes the certain distance in the track. We can say that the time that’s being recorded for the four trials is directly proportional to the distance or displacement that being covered by the cart, as the displacement…show more content…
your weight and multiplied it to the displacement you covered from walking you already compute the work you’ve done and the power is basically the work over the time you covered from walking, the power is the rate of the work you’ve done and the energy is capacity for doing that work which is
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