Analysis of a Business Plan

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Introduction In order to determine the best business to start, both businesses need to be subjected to some analysis. A business plan is the tool by which the business' merits can be evaluated it is a written description of the business' future Entrepreneur, [1]. This decision is between two different business ideas, and the business plans will test the validity of these two ideas and help to make a decision with respect to the investment decision. The first business idea is a bar called Stock Market. The concept is that the price of beer will fluctuate with demand. If people are buying IPA, then the price of IPA will increase, and the price of other beers will decline. This is an idea that has been tried a few times in other places around the world to varying degree of success. The bar will be located somewhere in the East Bay. The other option is a store for refurbished electronics called ReTech. A business plan will be provided for each option and then the two options evaluated. Stock Market A Bar The first element of the business plan is the customer and product Score [2]. Stock Market is going to be situated in a residential neighborhood, and will therefore cater to a clientele mainly of young adults who have a fair bit of disposable income and like to go out at night. The bar's main products will be alcoholic beverages, along with food and other beverages. Much of what the bar sells is going to be atmosphere, vibe and good times, and these will be the drawing cards
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