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Analysis of a Foundation PA571 Nonprofit Organizational Management Jared Stock 08/17/14 Linda Shoemaker and Steve Brett founded the Brett Family Foundation in 2000 to invest in the creation of a more compassionate and just society. The Brett Family Foundation originally had an annual grant making budget of $500,000 and an endowment of $10 million. The Great Recession took our endowment down to approximately $6.5 million, and we decreased our annual grant making budget to $350,000. The Foundation is in the process of rebounding and currently has an endowment of $9 million. This year's grant making budget is $462,000. The Brett Family Foundation mission is to promote caring communities by investing in organizations…show more content…
Named for the Liberty Bell, the think tank uses research and advocacy to promote policies that help Colorado individuals and families access economic opportunities. Meanwhile, in order to balance her long-term goals with serving immediate local needs, through the Brett Family Foundation, she continued to fund direct service organizations supporting underserved communities, particularly disadvantaged youth and their families. Perhaps the most challenging part of being a philanthropist is the fact that you’ll have to turn down worthy applicants for funding. “What I like the least about my form of philanthropy is saying no,” says Linda, “particularly saying no to immediate needs, because with my strategy, I’m sacrificing the immediate needs.” For Linda, supporting long-term policy change has meant watching as multi-million dollar funding shortfalls have forced her local schools to cut staff and programs. To change this, as well as endowing the Brett Family Foundation with $10 million, Linda wanted to establish a progressive think tank and policy institute that would provide Colorado’s policymakers, funders, nonprofits, and other decision makers with research and analysis to help them promote effective public policies. It would be an ambitious step in her journey as a philanthropist. And all this sprang from a sudden and surprising financial windfall. An unexpected twist of
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