Analysis of a Friendship

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Analysis of a Relationship Friendships come and go but finding a best friend doesn’t always come so easily. It was in the middle of my second grade school year when I learned I would be transferring to a new school. Losing all of my friends, encountering new people in a different environment and having that nervous feeling in my stomach because I was starting all over didn’t seem to inviting. I found myself alone knowing not a soul. Shy and quiet would best describe me as a second grader. Of course as the days passed at my new school I met several people and held hopes of making new friends. My twin sister never seemed to have a problem making friends which usually benefited me in the friend department. As it turns out, my sister’s…show more content…
After graduation, our friendship became so distant that even a few words by phone were hard to accomplish. Lisa made less of an effort to come over to see me or to meet me for lunch and I was just as guilty in my efforts. I began developing resentment towards Lisa because when I would ask what was happening to our friendship, she would use my son as an excuse instead of taking responsibility for her lack of effort. Throughout the time our relationship was changing, I always made it a point to stay true to the friendship that we once had. I stayed true to my feelings by expressing how I felt in an honest, respectful manner. There was never any superficial routines where were tried pretending our friendship was where it had once been, we were simply growing apart. At times I would call Lisa to see how she was doing and try setting up a day to meet for lunch. This always failed because she would either not commit or she would end up calling to cancel because she got too busy with her boyfriend. I remember clearly several times where Lisa wouldn’t even answer her phone when I would call her. She was avoiding me because of her own guilt. When we did have a conversation, afterward we would say our goodbyes and I wouldn’t hear from Lisa for weeks. At this point I accepted that our friendship was ending and I had done all I could. It was a shame we allowed our individual differences to come between us. We never really had that deep
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