Analysis of a Healthcare Video

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Analysis of a Healthcare video The video beautifully merges the problems that will be faced by the health care system of the United States in the near future because of some of the issues that are present pertaining to the pharmaceutical companies and the regulations of the health care system. It should be noted here that generic medicines are the medicines that are being used in America more than the branded ones. The reason for this is that these medicines are cheaper than the branded medicines. However, the same branded medicines are available in other countries at a cheaper rate. The main reason for this difference is that the health care system of the United States does not have a price control system and therefore, the American consumers have to sort of subsidize for the consumers of the branded medicines all over the world. Apart from this, the Federal Drug Authority has shown a decline in the acceptance rate of the drugs. The different pharmaceutical companies that come up with different formulations of the medicines are turned down because FDA does not permit these medicines to come into the US market. Moreover, the health care system of the country does not provide free medicines to the people as it happens in other welfare states like Canada. These are some of the reasons why the pharmaceutical companies think it is better to go out of the country so that they can make money there. In almost all the other countries of the world, the branded medicines are used
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