Analysis of a Leading Real Estate Company in Virginia, CBPRO

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CBPRO is a leading real estate company in Virginia, an independent franchisor of the Coldwell banker brand since 2001. CBPRO’s business focuses on residential real estate services such as selling, buying, and leasing houses; has 299 agents in 13 offices. The residential real estate industry is influenced by the ups and downs of the economy. In good times it fuels consumers confidence and spending, and in bad times consumers are cautious and not willing to invest in a house etc. CBPRO had a breaking sale of 2,848 percent in the first three years of services and during the plummet in the economy, sales flattened down to 2.5 percent, as was the case with the industry in general. (Coldwell Banker – Virginia Beach, Page 279). Due to high competition in the residential real estate industry (especially locally), coupled with fluctuating national economic conditions, and narrowly defined target customers, CBPRO faced several distinctive challenges; residential and clients lists were important to CBPRO business and to its competitors, especially the local competitors. SWOT Analysis: The strengthens of CBPRO – with only few years in existence, it was ranked the first in service industry and second in overall highest growth by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce “fantastic 50.” CBPRO is a highly reputable brand and its parent company Coldwell banker is recognized as one of the premier real estate organizations. As mentioned in the case, Coldwell Banker founded in 1914,

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