Analysis of a Paint Called Memorialized by Tyanna Buie

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This is completely true. Throughout the semester we have gone through almost as many as 300 pictures we view, learn, decompose into the criteria it meets and talk about the controversial things it has, while we do this we don't recognize that we also identify the form, content, iconography, and context. All four areas are what the paint, picture or sculptures identity is. I was lucky enough to visit my buddy out at WIU. There are many works in the art gallery, around the union and even outside walking around, but one that did catch my attention and had me thinking about it for quite some time. It was a painting called Memorialized by Tyanna Buie, was made in 2011 and measures 38’’x50’’. The content it has is beautiful, the form is wicked, context is superb and iconography is permanent. It reminds me of artwork we've gone through the semester. The painting was being showed at the art gallery in end of March. It’s now May and I can still picture it in my head so detailed, without even looking at a picture of it. It’s a piece of work I have connected to, yet lost myself in. This painting shows around five colors being used; red, green gold, pink and white. These colors mean so much in every day life. The form shows how lines play a big role in the body as they're symmetric all around the torso, but when connected to the head it seems to turn into scribbles that look like flowers…
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