Analysis of a Six Year Old Attending Barstow Elementary School

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Relevant Background and Demographic Information Zachary is a six year old boy who attends Barstow Elementary School. He is currently a kindergarten student and will be moving on to first grade in the fall. Zachary identifies with the Caucasian community and is English speaking. He is currently attending public schooling and meets with a speech therapist twice a week. The speech therapist works with Zachary to develop his reading, writing and spelling skills. Beyond this service, Zachary receives no other special services from Barstow Elementary. Reason for Referral Zachary, along with every other public school student takes Maryland School Assessments (MSA) in order to determine whether or not his reading abilities are equivalent to grade level standard scores. Zachary’s teacher, Mrs. Mason, expressed concern about Zachary’s low achievement in a variety of subjects, specifically in English and Literature. Mrs. Mason referred Zachary for extra assessments and requested that an intervention plan be created for him if necessary. In addition to the MSA tests, Zachary also administered the Test of Auditory Processing Skills, in order to rule out any potential auditory processing or cognitive problems. Zachary’s ability to perform tasks in nonsense word fluency, reading fluency and reading comprehension were assessed through the MSA tests. Zachary’s auditory processing abilities were tested through the completion of multiple tasks on Auditory Processing Skills; including word

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