Analysis of a Webpage of the Kidney Failure

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Analysis of a Webpage of the Kidney Failure Internet has grown rapidly into an immense information source. Internet resources can be used as a patient education tool and they offer the opportunities for personal interaction. Instead of following health advice and instructions passively, internet tools allow people to maintain their physical well-being actively by providing updated health information, user friendly activities, and support groups (Rankin et al., 2005). 64% of the 113 million internet users in America have searched for medical information. (as cited in Rankin et al., 2005). Many health professionals concern that the internet resources can be potentially negative by spreading misinformation (as cited in Rankin et al.,…show more content…
It could result in negative effect to maintain physical health. Nearly half of all 90 million American adults have problems understanding and using health information, and there is a higher percentage of hospitalizations and use of emergency departments among patients with deficits in health literacy (Wojciechowski & Cichowski, 2007). Health literacy is defined as the ability to which individuals are capable of obtaining, processing, and understanding basic information and needs to make appropriate decisions about their health. Readability can be assessed using the Fry Readability Formula (Rankin et al., 2005, p.248). In this paper, the webpage of the chronic kidney failure is used. As this page is short, three samples from different parts are tested. The result of the three 100 word samples according to the Fry Readability Formula is as following; Number of Sentences Number of Syllables 1st 100 words 7.6 153 2nd 100 words 7.7 161 3rd 100 words 10.5 165 Totals 25.8 479 Divide Totals by 3 8.6 159 Referring to the Fry graph (Figure 9.2), the readability level of this page is at the 9th – grade level. SAM (Suitability Assessment of Materials) shows that 9th- grade level and above is not suitable for patient comprehension. Superior is the 5th- grade level or lower, and 6th-, 7th-, 8th – grade level is adequate (Rankin et al., 2005, p.241). However, the website offers other tools, such

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