Analysis of american gothic Essay

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American Gothic – writing assignment

I Description:
In the painting we see two people. We see the farmer holding a hayfork and beside him is a woman. The woman is most likely his daughter. The couple stands in front of a house styled by the “Carpenter Gothic” era. The sun is shining but the couple don’t look like they appreciate the weather or “something else”. They both look very stretched in their faces. The man has a long head and his mouth is like a parenthesis on the wrong side. The woman on the other hand doesn’t look straight at us but instead look to the right. She avoids us and therefore it becomes hard to figure out her thoughts. But judging by her facial expression she is sad and appears limp.

II Analysis:
The first
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The jacket could be a symbol of his body not able to work for much longer. It covers the calmness. The brown colour is the colour of confidence or a stabilizing colour. It means well-being and preserving.
The colours are created to show us the different mind or physical state the two individuals are in. The man is depressed and tired. The woman is on top of the man. She acts preserving and keeps the man on his feet.
The bright colours can be seen in the house and trees behind them. On the right we see a house in clear red and the trees is almost a sort of unnatural green.

The lines that appear are diagonal, vertical, parallel and horizontal. The diagonal lines we can spot from the roof. The vertical lines are seen in the stitching of the man clothes. We can also see the vertical lines in the woman and the man face. They are sad and tired. The years have taken its toll on them. The parallel lines are seen in the front of the house as well as the side of the red barn. If we look even closer we can see that the hayfork, which is also has parallel forks, matches a pattern in the mans clothes. The horizontal lines are seen in the houses.

The viewer’s eyes are meant to stay on the picture, but we surge upwards towards the blue sky. When I look at the painting I travel into the man eyes. It raises questions like what he has been through or what stands in front of him.
The best words to describe the painting mood would be depressed or torn. The man and
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