Analysis of an Image-Based Advertisement: McDonald's

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Image Based Advertisement 1.The image based advertisement is a form of communication intended to appeal to customers through the help of visual elements. These visual based elements refer to the text of the advertisement, to the images portrayed by it, to the colors used in it, and others. The text of the advertisement is able to appeal viewers in several manners. It is the actual words that have great impact on viewers. In other words, the meaning of the text, the message that is communicated by the advertisement has significant impact on viewers. The message and the execution of the advertisement are probably the most important elements of the advertisement. This is because they are able to determine viewers to take action, and to purchase the product in case, to inform the viewers about the product, or to communicate the benefits of the product. In this case, the McDonald's advertisement used for television is an important ad that can be analyzed. This is because the investments that the company makes in developing such ads reflect in the quality of the ad. The McDonald's ad that this analysis refers to is represented by the ad with the two bears in the wood, where the parent bear enjoys his son's grades at school, and decides to reward him with a treat, which is the McDonald's meal. They go out to take lunch in the woods, they find a car with a few young people in it eating McDonald's food. The bears start agitating the car, the passengers run, and the bears take

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