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1.)For location problems:Parking space is a problem;
Design and Process: Because Çukurağa is just in Emek and newly in Ümitköy,people come here from everywhere of Ankara and mostly with their cars. In this case need for parking their cars is becoming a serious problem because both Çukurağa restaurants is on the street. If a suitable area can be found near the restaurant it doesn’t take too much time and money to built it.
Expected cost: Purchasing a par space maximum will cost 11.750 tl for Çukurağa restaurant. 11.00 tl for its purchasing expense as its fixed cost. Also 750 tl is for vale expense as variable cost. However we assume that just 1 vale is enough for now. Results: If they can make it real,
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When the owner of the restaurant buys 79 tables, he will pay 4740 TL. For the new 22 tables, the restaurant will need to extra 88 chairs (22*4). This will cost at 50*88=4400 TL. In total, this implementation costs at 9140 TL.
Implementation time: The implementation of this solution takes a short time because it can be applied in 2-3 days.
Results: As we measured that instead of 120*80 cm table, 120*60 cm table can also suitable for a table for four customers. So, they can lessen the sizes of tables and use 22 more tables. With the help of this, the restaurant’s design capacity will from 250 to 338.

4. For Capacity Problems: Çukurağa Restaurant can have more branches to serve more people and solve its capacity problem.
Design and Process: Çukurağa Restaurant has a problem regarding its limited capacity and they are obliged to reject some of the customers due to lack of capacity. Hence, Çukurağa Restaurant can open more branches in different parts of the Ankara which has high potential customer mass. Therefore, we make a detailed investigagtion and find the costs of monthly rent and decoration in those places. We choose in Panora, Gordion, Kentpark and Çukurambar Street as appropriate places that increases its profitability with the help of their high potential customer mass.
Expected Cost: We find average cost of monthly rent and decoration to define our expected
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