Analysis of customer-based brand equity

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Analysis of Customer Based Relationship and Brand Equity Reading Report.
Yang LIU
Caixia HOU
After reading these two articles Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research by SUSAN FOURNIER and Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Managing Customer-Based Brand Equity written by KEVIN LANE KELLER. The main idea of these two articles is exploring the relationship between consumer and brands. And this do interests us and we learn a lot. .
These two authors come up with the new theory based on specific perspective that is really helpful to understand the relationship between customer and brands. Firstly, they use the different approaches to testify their theories. After that, they analyze the
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The author mentions that brand knowledge has two components, brand awareness and brand image.
For the future researchers and marketing managers, this is the basic discussion of how to build the concept of customer-based brand equity, how to measure it and how to manage it.
Brand awareness concludes recognition and recall; it matters because it determines how well the brand identities serve the function, marketing managers should care about it because it is important to the extent that products decisions made in the store. All marketers want that the customers will think of the brand when they think of the category. They want to make a node in the memory of the customers; so narrow down the time they make decision to buy the brand. On the other hand, all the companies want to deliver a good image of their brand, what they need to work on is not only product itself, but also the non-product related stuff, like price, packaging, user imagery, usage imagery and so on.
The author puts out with direct and indirect measuring approaches. Both of them are for measuring how the customers know about their brand. Once they handle that if the customers are familiar or understand this brand very well, they can manage this kind of
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