Analysis of eBusiness Solutions Providers: IBM, Wipro Technologies, Samsung

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Critical Thinking and a Democracy Society E-business solutions Introduction The convergence of the Internet and emerging technologies has drastically changed the way companies do business. Most companies are looking for a way to understand the mission-critical challenges they are facing as a result of the e-business revolution. In its simplest terms, e-business (electronic business) takes key business processes and transforms the way a company does business by making efficient and cost-effective use of the Internet. Often companies redefine and reengineer their operations, their resources, core business skills and investment in technology to effectively reach the expanding global marketplace. Selecting a firm to provide e-business…show more content…
Nokia said that, with the deal, it aims to focus more on its core business and information technology activities, to gain service flexibility and to cut costs. Wipro Technologies The next company examined is Wipro Technologies, which offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to help customers maximize their resources and their existing infrastructure. The company employs 26,000 professionals and has more than 300 customers around the world. They have the expertise and business solutions to meet the needs of customers like, Ericsson, Cisco, SONY and IBM. One of the company 's case studies discussed the timely implementation of an ERP solution for a forest products company. The company wanted a more efficient operation for one of their divisions and wanted a partner to help them implement an ERP system. Wipro was able to bring the expertise needed, starting with a Gap Analysis, right through to the plans for a sales and distribution model. The resulting benefit to the client was the ability to use existing systems, a rapid deployment and a seamless solution. The use of an offshore model meant the development activities could taker place on a 24/7 basis, greatly reducing costs and project cycle time. Adexa Adexa offers a global planning system that has 11 integrated solutions, specifically designed for manufacturers and includes supply

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