Analysis of interpersonal communication as seen in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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Jessica Diggs SD101 Angela Nebel April 6, 2004 Like most other movies, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days uses many non-verbal cues to let the audience know how the characters are feeling and what they are thinking, art imitating life, as non-verbal communication is ingrained in everyday existence. Non-verbal communication is so pervasive in everyday life, in fact, that one may not even recognize consciously the cues given to them by others. One example of non-verbal cues in How to Lose a Guy took place in the Composure staff meeting at the beginning of the movie. While the woman perceived immediately to be a brown-noser tells her boss about the pieces she is working on, Andie and a friend are making facial expressions at one another that…show more content…
Realizing, however, that the stages don't always progress in sequence and can overlap can help give one a general idea of how their relationship came together, fell apart, and then was reborn. Like all couples, Andie and Ben struggle with dialectical tensions in their relationship. First, they have trouble with the connection-autonomy dialectic. They are spending every day together trying to build (or destroy) their relationship (connection), but in Andie's efforts to drive Ben away she begins to make him uncomfortable with the amount of control she has in his life. She redecorates his apartment, makes him wear a shirt that matches hers and their dog's, crashes his night with his friends, and even blows his nose for him, interfering with Ben's autonomy. Another dialectic that Ben and Andie struggle with is that of openness-closedness. They both begin to have feelings for the other and want to share some things about themselves but neither is willing to disclose their original motive for the relationship. Also, Ben understandably does not mention to Andie that he was in diapers until he was five, and he gets angry when his mom divulges that information. Every relationship has such tensions, and they cannot be eliminated, only managed. Ben and Andie do not manage conflict effectively. Most of the time Andie is

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