Analysis of the Advertisement of Chanel´s Bontique Essay

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“I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all”. This quote said by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel represent the power and will this designer had. Coco Chanel was a designer, inspiration, and rebellious woman of the early 20th century. Coco changed the way women dressed, thought and behaved in times when men led society in business. Coco understood that advertising has a significant force that easily hides gender messages within the context; it’s a way to pass on deep messages from the designer and hopefully help change gender roles. Anything from the characteristics of human subjects shown, to the furniture, color and body position; all intertwine to provide a message that could already be imbedded in us. The…show more content…
The necklaces and the dress leads to me believe she is representing a woman as well. This model’s pose is a little more explicit than woman number 1. She is highly sexualized and at the same time sitting in a lower position than the other two, demonstrating a form of submissiveness or lower class gender. As I read more on the pose of the model, I see she is being held down by the 3rd subject, and at the same time her left hand is draped over the 3rd subjects leg. This transmits the message that she is being held down, and at the same time needs the support of the 3rd subject.
Subject number 3 seems to be the key element in the whole advertisement. The outfit on this subject clearly represents a masculine figure. The model is not wearing a dress but instead a pantsuit. The jacket seems to be of a stronger material than the other two models; this will represent strength and durability. The facial hair as a mustache also represents masculinity, and therefore I will assume that subject number 3 represents a man. The models right hand is placed over women number 2. The position of the hand over the models arm represents dominance and control. This subject is also sitting on the desk over the women number 2 representing superiority over women and the need of women to be dependent on men. Both women and them men come together and form a bigger message.
I analyzed all three subjects and concluded that two are representing woman and one is
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