Analysis of the Annunciation by Master of the Retable of the Reyes Catolicos

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Created by Master of the Retable of the Reyes Catolicos (also known as Master of the Catholic Kings), this is another version of The Annunciation, a very common subject for artists ever since the inception of Christianity. It was produced between 1466 and 1499 as oil on pine panel, and it stands at 60 3/8 x 37in. It is now located in San Francisco, CA in the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum as a gift from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. The centerpiece of the piece is obviously Mary, though she is on the right side of the painting. In one hand she holds an open bible, and she holds her other hand up in prayer while she is looking down with her eyes almost completely shut. She has a halo surrounding her head as gold rays shine down on her…show more content…
The trinity is commonly symbolized by groups of three in many works of art. In this piece there are three archways shown inside the house, three vases next to Mary’s bed, and three lilies in a vase between the archangel and Mary that holds three white lilies that also represents the virgin’s purity. 1 In the painting there is a fair balance, as every character except Mary is on the left side of the scene, but they are all pointing and looking towards Mary. So, while the focal point of the scene is obviously Mary, there are important figures and symbols on all levels of the picture. Also almost everything in the scene has at least some significance, and none of the figures are independent and, rather, are in union with each other. To fit the theme of a summer setting, along with the annunciation being very holy and happy, the scene is very bright with light and uses some bold bright colors. Both Mary’s bed and God’s outfit are a strong solid red. Bright greens and blues are used on the land and sky outside. The archangel is dressed in a white robe with a red and gold cloak. A strong contrast in colors is used to bring more attention to Mary, as her face is a very light white, while her gown is a very dark green. Overall, while used to grab your attention, the colors do seem very natural to what the scene would like, as perceived in the artist’s time period. The lighting, whoever, seems to be from an unnatural source. It

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