Analysis of the Article 'What Happens to Piglets on Factory Farms'

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Mother Jones Article Introduction The next time you buy the PrairieFresh brand of bacon or sausage at a Walmart store, you will be purchasing a product that was produced under the most inhumane conditions anyone could imagine. An article published in Mother Jones on February 1, 2012, details the ghastly cruelty that pigs are subjected to by two pork producers in Oklahoma. This paper reviews that article and the video that was produced by the United States Humane Society. What Happens to Piglets on Factory Farms Those with queasy stomachs will not want to watch the video that accompanies the article by Tom Philpott. It shows the everyday life of pigs that are being bred and kept in very close quarters. The gestating female pigs are confined to a crate that is 2 feet wide by 7 feet long. They literally cannot turn around. The video shows bloody pigs with scratches along their bodies, it shows endless rows of these steel crates in long buildings in Oklahoma, and the video camera zooms in on the horrific damage that is done to these animals to force them to reproduce. And when piglets are three days old, their tails are snipped off with no painkillers; one portion of the video shows a piglet screaming and shaking as its tail is cut off; it is a pitiful sight and it arouses anger in viewers who had no idea that pork is produce in this hideously unkind fashion. Philpott explains that a person representing the Humane Society took the video; the two factory farms are owned

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