Analysis of the Article 'Who Shall I Be?'

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Articles Analysis- Summary and Personal Response "Who Shall I Be?" An essay by Jennifer Crichton (1996) revolves around the idea that one cannot change although hiding what they were in the past or hiding what they don't like about themselves works. A student remains in a transition mode going through various good or bad experiences looking for that attractive clean slate. The life of high school is difficult as students tend to label other students and these labels may not represent the truth. There is a crisis of identity and time at college adds to this disorientation, students looking for a fresh start try to put on a likable character for others. This change is possible in college but within ones' self it feels embarrassing and an admission of weakness. There are two motivations behind this change; self-hatred (negative) and self affirmation (positive). Students tend to lie about their past or their families and try to play different roles looking for acceptability from others. In conclusion the author lets go of her adopted character looking forward to her life with what she has always been; an oversensitive and high strung would-be writer. The arguments in this essay are revealing as well as troubling. The author draws the conclusion that no matter what one tries, change within one's self is hard and it ends up in lies. The essential element of change in our lives keeps us update with the ever changing society and it is quite hard to be the same person everyday
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