Analysis of the Canadian Computer Software Industry

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The Canadian Computer Software Industry: An Analysis Introduction "The involvement has become so involuntary that it has now become a dependence and an addiction, to an extent that the absence of a computer makes someone completely dysfunctional," thus making the computer software industry an instrumental new force within the international economy (Kent & Williams 1997 p 140). Our insatiable need for new and updated technologies to accompany us through almost all walks of life has been resulting in a rapidly growing computer software industry that is featured in a number of locations around the world. Canada has seen great success in the growth of its software industry and its ability to export its intellectual products all over the globe. Computer Software Industry The computer software industry is a relatively new development on the international market place. Only a few decades ago, there was no such industry at all. Thanks to a number of innovative software developers, the rise of the industry has become a booming success. The industry itself increased dramatically in the 1990s. It was during this period that software was growing in a number of other supporting industries. Software soon became an integral part of industries like healthcare, business applications like databases and network structures, personal finance, and education (Kent & Williams 1997). The more intertwined it became with other business applications, the more successful software became as a
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