Analysis of the Closet Scene in Hamlet the Movie Essay

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Hamlet is often seen as one of the most well known examples of an Oedipus Complex presented in literature. The reasons for this is probably because of the plot that resolves around the revenge that Hamlet has against his step-father Claudius and because of the relationship that Hamlet has with his mother that is loaded with sexual energy. Hamlet's love for his mother is especially exemplified by the Mel Gibson's interpretation of the infamous closet scene. Traditionally a Queen's closet was not worth emphasizing a bedroom, but it is likely that most of the readers would presume that the closet scene takes place in Gertrude?s bedroom because of the obsession that Hamlet has about Gertrude?s bed. When Hamlet responds to his mother?s…show more content…
When the last kiss is given, the camera angle turns to have the bed as well as the two figures kissing in the picture. Gertrude by the bed is the last focus of the camera you see when the scene ends. Richardson?s Hamlet is not as much preoccupied with sexuality than Olivier?s- or the Zeffirelli?s Hamlet. The relationship between Gertrude and Hamlet in this film seems more impersonal than the others. The viewer experience much more hate from Hamlet towards Gertrude in this film that explains why Richardson left out a lot of the dialogue at the end of the scene, because he wanted the focus to be more on the beginning of the scene where Hamlet?s words are much harsher towards Gertrude, than at the end of it. At the end of the scene Hamlet accentuates the words: ?I must be cruel to be kind? that demonstrate the point. The bed is not very prominent in Richardson?s version of Hamlet that indicates that he did not want the viewer to focus on the on the sexual connotation that goes with the bed. It is true on the other hand that Gertrude and Hamlet lied on the bed at the end of the scene, but the viewer gets the feeling that it was more an indicator of the intimacy that goes with a normal mother- and son relationship than an Oedipus Complex- case. Hamlet cried like a little boy that lost his father and not like a lover that lost his mistress. When you compare the lighting of the closet scene from the Richardson version with the Zeffirelli, it

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