Analysis of the Coronation of Napoleon

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The Coronation that Shook the World The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David is imposing in its dimensions. It stands at twenty feet by thirty feet and is displayed in the main gallery of the Louvre museum in Paris. David began this work of art after being orally commissioned by Napoleon in September of 1804. The painting came to its completion November of 1807. The sole fact that the painting took three years to complete demonstrates something about the magnitude and scale of the painting. This was all done on purpose of course in order to record this significant moment in the emperor’s life.
Works of art are not entirely meant to be aesthetically pleasing The Coronation of Napoleon was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in
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David was a supporter of the French Revolution and this may be his political influence on the painting even though Napoleon was a son of the Revolution as well. We can also see that the way that Napoleon was dressed in the painting shows that he was emperor and there was no doubt about it. On Napoleon’s head are the laurel leaves that were custom of the Roman imperial rulers to wear. This crown was a symbol of power and strength. Napoleon is
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