Analysis of the Death Penalty and Case Study Troy Anthony Davis

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• (R) What is death penalty and how does America practice Death penalty? • (A) The execution of Troy Davis • (D/V) Does death penalty prevent crime or is it a question about justice? The following presentation deals with an explanation about what death penalty is and how it is practiced in the United States. I will then analyze the popular case of the doomed Troy Anthony Davis. I will then discuss whether it’s a question about justice or prevent. Finally, I will ask you some questions about the subject. R: 38 of 50 states practice death penalty and every state has its own laws about death penalty. Crimes, which are being considered as a federal crime for example a murder of a police officer, the criminal is sentenced death penalty, regardless of the laws of the State and the prosecutor has the right to require the capital punishment. The U.S has always practised the death penalty except for a period between 1972 and 1976. 1,080 people have been executed since 1976, and the state of Texas has been responsible for the 394. The first American who was executed was Gary Mark Gilmore, who was shot in Utah 17 January 1977. Texas is the state in America that executes the most people. In 2008 they executed 17 people. When George W. Bush was governor of Texas 1995 to 2000 he ordered a total of 152 executions carried out. Texas has been responsible for over 36 % of all executions since 1977. A lot of Americans are against death penalty and so is the organization, Amnesty

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