Analysis of the Deserter by Winifred M. Letts

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Opening Lines Poetry Anthology Section H 1914-18 War (ii) This revision guide is intended to support the work you have been doing in class on the following poems: Recruiting Joining the Colours The Target The Send-Off Spring Offensive The Bohemians Lamentations The Deserter The Hero Falling Leaves In Flander’s Fields The Seed-Merchant’s Son The Parable of the Old Man and the Young Spring in War-Time Perhaps- Reported Missing E.A. Mackintosh Katherine Tynan Hinkson Ivor Gurney Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen Ivor Gurney Siegfried Sassoon Winifred M. Letts Siegfried Sassoon Margaret Postgate Cole John McCray Agnes Grozier Herbertson Wilfred Owen Edith Nesbit Vera Brittain Anna Gordon Keown Historical Context – The 1914-1918 War The 1914 -1918…show more content…
“The Send-off” Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen’s poem, “The Send-Off” was written at Ripon where there was a huge army camp. The troops in the poem have just come from a sending-off ceremony of cheering crowds, bells, drums, and flowers given by strangers; the troops are now being packed into trains for an unknown destination. From the beginning of the poem the atmosphere is sinister, the lanes are “darkening” and claustrophobic, the crowds have gone and the troops are watched only by the “dull” and uninspiring faces of a porter and lowly tramp. The flowers pinned on the chests of the soldiers in celebration become for the speaker of the poem the funeral flowers garlanding the soldiers for the slaughter that awaits them in war. The departure of the soldiers for war is secret, it is “like wrongs hushed up”, the cheering celebration of the hours before becomes a smoke screen for the harsh solemnity of war. THINKING POINTS 1. Owen’s choice of words adds to the effect of the imagery. What is the effect of the oxymoron “grimly gay”? 2. Why does he use a rhetorical question in stanza 7? 3. Owen uses quite an unusual structure in the poem. Three-line stanzas are followed by two-line stanzas and the rhymes connect the stanzas. He also uses a combination of long and short lines. Look closely at the structure. What kind of mood and feeling does it give to the poem? “Spring Offensive” Wilfred Owen In a letter dated

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