Analysis of the Documentary The Crucible of Europe Essay

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The documentary starts by explaining that by the 9th century North Africa and Spain were in the hands of Muslim rulers. Under Muslim rule in Toledo, Spain were Jews who flourished in the area. The Jews followed the conquest of Islam through North Africa and Spain. On the continent of Europe the three Abrahamic religions met. The Jewish people would transform Europe and be transformed themselves. Alhambra of Granada, the Moorish palace in Southern Spain was described as beautiful with pleasure gardens and trees of all kinds. The Muslim and Jewish people were brought together for their love of art, knowledge, music, poetry, and philosophy. This era is known as the Golden Age. Spain was in the hand of Moorish rulers and with this they paved…show more content…
They would play an important part in the government, statecraft, and scholarship of Moorish Spain. In Granada the Sephardim would take many important positions in the Moorish government. The Jews took inspiration from Arab literature and revitalized their ancient texts which were previously only used for worship. Hebrew was reborn in worship and song. The Golden Age of Muslim Spain would come to an end as the separate areas went to war. Even as it came to an end its remarkable vitality would find great expression. The first three centuries of the Golden Age are seen in the works of Maimonides the greatest Jewish Scholar of his time. Maimonides was forced to flee Spain’s turmoil and fled to Egypt where he worked as a mathematician and physician. He was appointed to attend the Sultan Salah al Den, since he was the best physician of his century. Maimonides writes to a friend about his routine, in it he describes by saying that he goes to the Sultan until noon only if no one is sick. He must then write prescriptions to the rest of the ill. If the Sultan or any of his relatives are ill, Maimonides is not allowed to leave Cairo. Even though Maimonides he was a busy man he seemed to write ten books on medicine. Maimonides searched out the heart of Jewish tradition and codified it in the Mishnah and Torah. He said, “I wish to help the common man out of his confusion so he may be able to rest and be at peace.” Towards the end of the Golden Age it would
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