Essay on Analysis of the Dynacorp Case Through Political Lens

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Analysis of the Dynacorp Case through political lens
Dynacorp is a worldwide information systems and communications business. In 1990 the company started to have fewer earnings than in the past, so the CEO tried to change the design of the company to run better. In this paper, I analyze this organization though the political lenses to better understand how changing the structure can help improve revenue and quality. As discussed in the book, the political lens sees the organization in terms of conflicts of interests, power, and goals among individuals and groups within the organization. The way to understand the dynamics of political conflict is to understand who has power, from where that power comes, the basis of the power and how much
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The power of this function is somewhat limited by the fact that they are measured in terms of efficiency and capacity utilization, and the function as a whole is treated as a cost center (Ancona et al., 2009, p. M2, 29).
The marketing function on the other hand also took on the role of the sales function, divided into six regions in the US, and one international group focusing on sales and divided by country. Customer intimacy drives marketing function operations, in particular with the technical people in target organizations, with whom sales reps developed strong relationships. Technical support was given strong emphasis too. The shift away from technical-led purchases in firms to business-led purchases meant Dynacorp marketing had to adjust to improve relationships with business people, taxing customer support and introducing a host of new challenges- greater emphasis on marketing pitches, and the need to get new products out to the market with no major malfunctions and bugs, among others. There was also an increased demand for systems integration between Dynacorp's systems and the customer systems. The explicit interests of the
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