Analysis of the Film American Beauty

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The movie and the main character Lester Burnham are aiming to make us realise that life can be short therefore we should lead more meaningful lives. Through this, he takes us one year back which summarises his life and those around him. Outward appearances can be very deceiving as anyone can acquire superficial impressions. In this discussion, I will be examining closely on a number of identities that is found in ‘American Beauty’.
In the film, the characters are in the search for what they believed was their happiness. Too focused on finding what they deemed was happiness, they failed to consistently maintain coherent identities. Lester Burnham, a husband and a father, who is the protagonist of the film, feels ambushed at home and at work. He has little to no control of his life as his wife Carolyn strives to be the perfect American family. Lester unleashes from being controlled when he meets his daughter’s best friend, Angela and sees her as a femme fatale and their neighbour’s son, Ricky. Ricky introduces himself to Lester on one of Carolyn’s business social function and gets along immediately while sharing a joint. Lester witnesses Ricky quit his job casually and was amazed: “I think you just became my personal hero.” Meeting Ricky inspired Lester to re-live his teenage years and he was happy of the outcome in the beginning. Through…
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