Analysis of the Film 'The Breakfast Club'

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The Breakfast Club Introduction In life there are a number of challenges that everyone will go through. This is a part of discovering who they are and what they want to do with themselves. To help explain these differences, Erikson introduced his development theory. This helps to address some of the challenges and needs that person will go through at particular stages in their lives. To fully understand these phases there will be a focus on two characters from the film The Breakfast Club and contrasting them with Erikson's theory. Together, these different elements will provide specific insights that will highlight the transformations and challenges that everyone will go through during the course of their lives. The Breakfast Club Two characters that will be examined from the film include Andrew Clark (played Emilio Estevez) and Richard Vernon (portrayed by Paul Gleason). The setting of the film takes place on a Saturday at a suburban Chicago high school. The students are arriving for a special session of detention that will take place all day. In the beginning, everyone is sticking with their traditional stereotypes that were formed from other perceptions (based upon the social group they belonged to). As the day progresses, everybody begins to realize that they are more than these commonly held views. Instead, each person has their own special skills and talents that make them unique. Moreover, all the students and adults are wrestling with similar challenges at
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