Analysis of the Film Thelma and Louise Essay

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1. Definition of the catalyst of the film “Thelma and Louise”
The catalyst moment in the screenplay is when Louise shoots Harlan. The incident, when Harlan is assaulting Thelma, set the first dramatic moment. This major event is the twist that provokes the action to escalate to the next act. In outrageous behavior, with suppressed feelings about her past, Louise relapses. She defends her friend, and at the same time, reacts to the memories of abuse she suffered, consequently, making justice for both.
2. Why is this the catalyst, and how does it serve the story?
This catalyst is set up to promote tension, which shows Louise’s behavior, while awakening Thelma is from her ordinary reality as a housewife. At that moment that Louise shoots
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Sad endings, like Thelma and Louise's story, is now proving to be exceptional, because their journeys were exhausting. There were valuable messages broadcasted throughout the acts.
However, the most important message was the importance of friendship, with the development of an unbreakable bond, love, and trust between two friends. This is a story of two women with a keen desire to encourage one another and beautifully inspired many others in the process.
Act One: The Weekend Trip
The desire to escape reality to have fun is the dominant intentional plan. The simple gateway plans to stay at a Louise manager's cabin for the weekend. The major foreshadowing in the first act is when Thelma puts a gun in her purse for protection. The first plot is when Harlan attacks Thelma, at the parking lot, and she resists his advances. Harlan aggressively slaps her. She asks him to stop, but instead he hits her, and proceeds to rape her. Next, Louise shows up and points the gun at him, and Thelma walks away with Louise. Then, Harlan makes some remarks; Louise turns around and shoots him.
Act Two: Running Away
They are alarmed by the incident. They are no longer having fun; instead, they are concerned about being found guilty of a murderer, a crime committed in self-defense. They decide to run away and accept their
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