Analysis of the First Female Superhero: Wonder Woman Essay

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The first widely recognizable female superhero is Wonder Woman, from the All- American Publications, which was one of the three companies that merged to form DC Comics. Wonder Woman was presented in a way that was typical of most women in comics, although her Character portrays a strong independent heroine; the comic series still nevertheless caters to the promiscuous fantasies of young male readers. Wonder Woman is depicted in a hyper sexualized fashion and an object of consumption for males. Recurring scenes of wonder women in skimpy outfits accentuating her melon sized breasts and small waistline emphasize the idealized female body and how it was used to draw the gazes of males in visual media. Wonder Woman serves as an example of many …show more content…

The meat’s raw! The Jell-O’s hot! The coffee’s cold”! Although the story ends up being just a bad dream, it’s a cruel depiction of gender roles in society. Wonder woman criticism by her husband for her lack of cooking skills shows how pronounced gender roles are for women in society. Another noteworthy example that depicts gender roles is in Wonder Woman No. 3, 1942. Cartoonist Marston thought that sexual enslavement would be the path to a matriarchal society, in the actual quote from a Wonder Woman thought balloon Marston sketches, “if girls want to be slaves there’s no harm in that. The bad thing for them is submitting to a master or to an evil mistress like Paula! A good mistress could do wonders with them!” Marston without question has some of the all-time most corrupt and over the top views on lifestyles and gender politics depicted in cartoons. Throughout comic book series publication the recurring theme of female suppression is prevalent in the Wonder Woman comic book series, there are several panels of wonder woman straining against the bindings of society. The Golden Age (1930’s -1940’s) women were portrayed as damsels in distress, in almost every comic book cover a lady is tied up with a man trying to save her. Facebook’s group created a page which focuses on the portrayal of women in comics, the site summarizes women in the Golden Age as career-oriented girls. Comic book characters as Nellie the

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