Analysis of the First Letter to the Thessalonians

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Weib 165-247 Perleman 554 Birger 64 Birger 64 1 Thessalonians, 50-51 AD Betz Baeur Birger 64 Weib 165-247 Raymond 456-466 Thiselton 2000 Johnson 2002 Thiselton 2000 Burgess 292 Weib 165-247 Ibid 169 Weib 165-247 Ibid 242 Pogoloff 295 Ibid 290 Weib 165-247 Birger 198 Ibib 200 Weib 165-247 Ibib 187 Ibid 200 Ibid 236 Harrison 1900 Harrison 1921 Weib 165-247 Schnelle 1998 Ibid 1995 Schnelle 1998 Schmithals 256 Litfin 237-241 Ernest 7 THE FIRST LETTER TO THE THESSALONIANS Introduction It is not possible to discern Christ without recognizing the Church. St. Paul was the first to put effort with the question of What the Church was? There was veracity presented ahead of him, an area of believers, which had a special character, a definite spiritual character that, even from its past life, was hard to seize. In other words, as Christ's characteristics is ultimately a mystery afar from our thinking, so in the same way the Church that stick on him is also a mystery, somewhat that lies afar from our entire understanding. We will perceive, into this paper that how St. Paul articulated his upward perceptive of the characteristics of the Church in different images and metaphors; secondly, we will look at it more direct at two of these reflections: the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ; thirdly, we will test the organizational configuration of the Church as mentioned by St. Paul; to end with we will learn how St.
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