Analysis of the Flim Children of Heaven Directed by Majid Majidi

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The film rotates around a young boy’s adversities. Ali misplaces his sister’s shoes and gets on a complex plan to get them. Ali and Zahra are from a poor family, thus making it very hard to tell their parents. Ali’s mother is ill and the father struggles to get a respectable job thus a creating shoes a lavish item. Because of these challenges, Ali makes an arrangement of sharing his sneakers with his sister. The sister would put them on in the morning to school and he would put them on when going for his afternoon lessons. This plan works however, it puts them both in a delicate situation as Zahra has to emerge early from school and Ali gets himself going to school late. These hardships are tolerated to prevent their parents from knowing about the shoe incident. Basically, the film portrays a concise and clear idea on the modern urban setting and people’s daily relations in it. Founded on Majid’s story of Ali and Zahra’s locality, the general thought is that they are staying in an informal locale, which is characteristic of an inferior social rank. Essentially, the main intention of this research paper is to inspect the film with particular stress on the urban planning shown in the movie.
The film was shot in Iran’s capital city, Tehran. It exposes the faint and sinister face of the city. Ali and Zahra’s troubles could be avoided if their locale was properly designed. A…
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