Analysis of the Global Smartphone Market and the Strategies of Its Major Players

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Analysis of the global smartphone market and the strategies of its major players

Hee-Chan Song
Hanyang University, University of Texas at Dallas1 Business Administration, Philosophy

The author would like to acknowledge the valuable assistance of University of Texas at Dallas in the preparation of this manuscript, in particular the assistance of Professor Lee from the Management Department. The author is grateful to Professor Lee for offering positive feedback and suggestions for improvement during the entire process of writing this paper.

The author is a student at Hanyang University in South Korea, but most of the research for this paper was performed while the author was in an exchange program at the University of
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Users can acquire almost any type of information, such as information on the weather, locations, food, attraction, transportation, medicine, education, games, fashion, sports, and scientific research, without constraints of time and place. Users can also create a new form of social community, influence public opinion, and significantly improve the infrastructure and speed of social communication. Because this mobile generation has strong access to information and networking capabilities, the producer-driven consumption pattern is rapidly being replaced by a consumer-based consumption pattern. Accordingly, the need for customized information is expected to keep pace with change in the IT environment.

3. Radical transformation of the IT industry and the altered competitive situation
The overall structure of the IT industry is being reorganized, and competition in the industry is being expanded and diversified. The introduction of smartphones has spurred the creation of limitless IT-related markets such as the e-book, tablet PC, and net book markets. New entrants that are struggling to penetrate a market are faced with an urgent problem: overcome a lack of functional and technical conversance. At the same time, a new competitive structure has been formed by cell phone manufacturers, operating system providers, telecommunication distributers, and new application
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