Analysis of the Hamas-Fatah Conflict

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Hamas-Fatah Conflict: The conflict between Hamas and Fatah lasted for four years despite of several attempts by the two groups to put their differences aside. In addition to being known as the struggle for Palestine, the Hamas vs. Fatah rift led to various concerns on the possibility of having a Palestinian civil war. This is primarily because it was a major struggle that was described as the biggest internal disagreement in Palestinian history. The conflict between Hamas and Fatah is a rift between Islamism and nationalism respectively. Moreover, this rift is also a struggle between two organizations that want the benefits of leadership i.e. power, money, and prestige (Rubin, 2006). The struggle started after Hamas won majority of the seats in the January 2006 democratic elections and revolved around the control of Palestinian territories. However, this struggle became intensely personal after Israel's 22-day war of Gaza. Palestine conducted elections in three stages i.e. municipal, parliamentary, and presidential elections in late 2005 and early 2006. Through candidates that were vying as either independent or on behalf of Hamas, the group won all municipal seats in the entire West Bank and Gaza (Zalman, n.d.). As a major surprise to the whole world, Hamas obtained the right to form the government after winning 76 of 132 parliamentary seats. In response to Hamas' surprise victory, there was anxiety among Israel and American leaders. Consequently, Israel declined to
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