Analysis of the Iron Lady

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Film is a story which shown in moving picture, shown at the cinema or on television. There are several kinds of genres in film. For example, thrilling, drama, science fiction, action, comedy, and animation. The type of genre that this group would like to analyze is documentary film. Documentary is a type of film that gives facts about a real situation or real people. The film entitled “The Iron Lady” is a 2011 British biographical film based on the life of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of the 20th century. The film was directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Thatcher is portrayed primarily by Meryl Streep. While the film was met with mixed reviews, Streep's performance was widely
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This film also shows a flashback about Thatcher’s youth, when she put the utmost effort getting in Oxford University. She didn’t spend most of her times to play like any other teenage girls. In fact, she studies and takes cares grocery shop of family business. She also flashback and recall everything about her struggle as a middle class woman to have a seat in the House of Commons defeating those snobbish males-dominated. In the beginning of her career, she is being underestimated due to her existence as a grocery shop daughter and the whole political opponents were seeing Thatcher is a female figure who cannot lead Britain. Flashback historical events, first Thatcher is being candidate for Dartford, education minister, elected in Conservative Leader, and during her time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom including the rising unemployment, the bombing of the Grand Hotel during the 1984 Conservative Party Conference, when she and Denis were almost killed, and her decision to retake the Falkland Islands. In the end, she resigns as a prime minister because of Michael Heseltine challenges her for the party leadership and her loss of support from her Cabinet colleagues. Eventually, Thatcher is shown packing up all of her husband luggage and letting him go, even though she isn’t yet ready to left by her husband. Until she sees Denis's ghost leaves her fully dressed but without his shoes and Thatcher is being alone washing up a tea cup.

Plot is
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