Analysis of the Kite Runner

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1. Point of View
The novel was written in a first person’s point of view. The narrator of the novel, Amir, tells the story firstly based on his memories in a chronological flashback order. Time soon catches up and Amir narrates as things are happening in the second part of the novel. The telling of the novel was passed to Rahim Khan as he narrates about the life he and Hassan were living while Amir and Baba were in America before the narration was passed back to Amir.

2. Plot
• Introduction – The childhood memories of when Amir and Hassan were still boys, living in Kabul.
• Rising action – The raping scene of Hassan by Assef and his lackeys that was witnessed by Amir after the kite flying competition.
• Climax – When Rahim Khan calls and
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He also stood up against the Taliban when they tried to evacuate Hassan and his family from Baba’s house, which cost him his life. Hassan’s character serves as the justice part of people. The person that always does good and should be an example to all.

• Baba
Baba is a man with very high expectations. He expected Amir to be just like him as a kid growing up and was never satisfied or proud with anything Amir did. Another character trait shown by Baba is his patriotism when he took a handful of Afghanistan soil and kept it before going to America. Baba is also a very brave man as he stood up for the woman wearing the black shawl when the Russian soldier wanted to rape her, risking his life in the process. When Baba refused chemotherapy and the food stamps, it shows that he a very proud man and wouldn’t want to be seen as weak. Last but not least, Baba is a loving man. Although it didn’t seem as so, Baba did love Amir and even Hassan. He helped Amir ask for Soraya’s hand in marriage and he never forgot Hassan’s birthday. Furthermore, Baba is a forgiving person as he forgives Hassan for supposedly stealing Amir’s birthday presents. Baba portrays the character that drives the protagonist, Amir to strive to be better in everything in order to gain some appreciation.
• Assef
Assef’s main character trait is that he is a revengeful person. He held a grudge against Amir and Hassan after standing up to him and got his revenge on Hassan by raping him. Even after

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