Analysis of the Lego Group

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Tietgen Business College MM216 COM October 2011 ANALYSIS OF THE LEGO GROUP Daniella Pascu Daniella Pascu Helvijs Smoteks Noelia García Csaba Precub Keystrokes: 27205 Teachers: Meg Sønderlund Peter Storm-Henningse Executive Summary This project is a case study of the LEGO1 Group to analyse the company´s current situation, its future campaign strategy and its further potential of innovate development. The objective is to analyse the management strategy in an objective perspective and find out how a company such as LEGO reaches a certain desirable position on the market. The LEGO group has made itself a giant in the market for children’s toys. The firm began as a manufacturer of wooden toys in Denmark seventy years ago. Sales allowed…show more content…
1.1. Problem statement The main issue is that the company recently changed its organization and innovation system, which is helped to get more acquaintance over the world and with this to get more costumers and larger market share. To understand why LEGO has become such a big company we have to look closer in to the internal situation of the company life in recent days. We need to face and analyze the new organization strategy and structure, also the innovation parts such as innovative processes, new models and further innovative development. 1.2 Delimitation 4 LEGO is now the third largest toy maker company, with a huge market share on the world. The reason is why the company has reached such a position in the market; it has to do with new strategy and innovative processes in the recent life of the company. That’s why we chose to investigate more the innovation and organization part of the company. We going to use innovation and organization theories to investigate the current situation of the company, to understand and reveal our thoughts and solutions for the readers of this case. 1.3 Report structure The case starts with a short but thick executive summary, after comes the introduction part of the case where we inform the readers of the case and a little bit of the company LEGO. Then comes the usual part such a problem statement, delimitation and the structure of the
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