Analysis of the Marketing Mix for Gatorade

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Analysis of the Marketing Mix for Gatorade Introduction Gatorade is a flagship brand of PepsiCo and has a commanding 75% market share of the sports nutrition beverage marketplace globally, being sold into 80 different countries according to the latest PepsiCo annual report published in late 2011. Gatorade's success in branding and product marketing has actually expanded the global market for sports nutrition beverages during the late 1990s and into the 21rst century. Recently however the company has faced many channels including product line extensions of the last decade which failed to deliver strong results (Pollack, 1997) and a more critical analysis of their ingredients as many of their beverages are sold in public schools (Tallon, 2009). Despite these challenges however, Gatorade continues to experience strong market share and growth. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate and provide recommendations for each of the four areas of the marketing mix including product, price, promotion and place or distribution. Analysis and Recommendations of Gatorade's Marketing Mix Starting with product, Gatorade's core strength is the advanced research & development dedicated to the mix of electrolytes, advanced minerals and ingredients that when combined create a highly effective and differentiated beverage. Since the initial discovery of Gatorade, the company has continually invested in the core intellectual property of the ingredient mix to branch into adjoining

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