Analysis of the Movie 'Analyze This'

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Abstract: Film can be a very useful catalyst in teaching how not to treat patients. In Analyze This and Analyze That, we see very extensive examples of this throughout the film. Through farce and lampoon, we see the in this disjunctive way what proper CBT, criminal therapy and combating recidivism is all about. Introduction In this short essay, the author will write an ethics paper analyzing the movie "Analyze This" from an ethical perspective in a social science setting. It will be answered from the perspective of a psychological and counseling professional who has to balance off the real and potential conflicts at individual, professional and societal levels as portrayed in the film. As such, we will identify specific laws and ethics codes that have been violated. The author will discuss the case as if they are consulting with or supervising Ben Sobel in the film who they believe is behaving unethically or unlawfully. They will state clearly what he is doing unethically or unlawfully with a supportive historical background. They will then provide the possible steps for managing and correcting the situation. The entire film is a therapist's behavior that revolvess around these issues; Confidentiality, Privileged Communication, Privacy, Informed consent, and Receiving gifts, and a Legal perspective upon the issues. To do the above, we will examine Ben Sobel's activities against those of the known practices of counseling professionals. While Hollywood producers

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